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Misinformation or censorship...

What's worse, misinformation or censorship?

Misinformation is defined as "incorrect or misleading information presented as fact, either intentionally or unintentionally. Disinformation is a subset of misinformation, that which is deliberately deceptive. Rumors are information not attributed to any particular source, and so are unreliable and often unverified, but can turn out to be either true or false. Even if later retracted, misinformation can continue to influence actions and memory."(X)

Indeed, with so much talk about how horrible misinformation is, we need to understand that it is natural for humans to actively participate in its creation and sustainment. Cognitively, we "modify" what we see to fit our world view and because of motivated reasoning and familiarity heuristics we tend to hang on to those arguments and explanations that resonate with us. Confirmation bias is also to blame in the creation and spread of what may be labeled misinformation.

The advertising industry is notable for spreading misinformation and sometimes, yes, disinformation. Hence, it would only be right to censor ads, right? WRONG

Instead, disclaimers or content warnings are utilized in order to qualify or warn the consumer.

It is each individual's experience what essentially shapes what we understand and what we want to communicate. It is that SO WRONG? Not really. How about understanding that one's experience may be someone else's misinformation? Think about it, even in trials you have expert witnesses that