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Have you ever wished to know what to expect from an interaction before it happens?

Have you ever experienced  conflict because of a misunderstanding?


Are you frustrated with people taking your words out of context?

A world of polarization and cancel culture is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it has been around for a long time.


But the current situation is different because now there are many more channels for people to express their opinions and feelings online.

This has created an environment where people are constantly being exposed to opposing views and ideas.


This can lead to some people feeling so overwhelmed that they end up feeling like they need to "cancel" the other person or their opinion altogether.

However, we cannot change people's minds by telling them they're wrong or not allowed to have an opinion in the first place.


We need to find ways to engage with each other in a more productive way instead of throwing away opinions that we disagree with.

We need more open discussions about these topics so that people can learn how to disagree respectfully and without resorting to violence or cancel culture tactics.

What if i told you there is a solution for your problems?

What if i told you there is a solution for your problems?



What is Z Form?

Z Form is the form to initiate or grow genuine human connections!
(Not necessarily politically correct) 

What is Z Form?

A Z Form can be used as an ice breaker when forming a new connection or as a tool to repair or improve an existing relationship.


Z Form is here to help protect you from political correctness, polarization, extremism and any misunderstandings.

It is a tool to help you cross that bridge and get closer to others, without the fear of conflict or worse. 

What is Z Form?

It is a customizable consent form that allows for written permission from the receiving party that they understand the terms of this particular connection (casual interaction or important discussion), event or activity that will be taking place.


Amazing Right?!

What is Z Form?

Z Form has been proven to help dial the conflict down and mutual understanding up!

Z Form provides a template to follow with personalized options to choose from.


It gives you the option to include witnesses if desired and/or to keep the discussion/interaction confidential.

It can be used in many contexts, from the workplace to the family dinner table!

With a Z Form....

- Have an individualized tool to initiate clear and welcoming communication within potentially difficult situations

- Avoid misunderstandings and assumptions

- Prompt a potential conversation while giving the recipient the chance to either agree or not agree to the proposal

With a Z Form....

- Have the opportunity to think through what you want to say before actually saying it

- Memorialize the expectations of the interaction and add formality to the expected or proposed boundaries

Ready to speak truth and down for a dare?  Z Form is here to help

Z Form dares you to reach out and speak truth.  It is time to connect and grow your relationships.

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