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About Z Form


Z Form is the form to initiate or improve a genuine human connection!
(Not necessarily politically correct)

A Z Form can be used as an ice breaker when forming a new connection or as a tool to deepen an existing one. It is a customizable consent form that gives written permission from the receiving party that they understand the terms of this particular connection (casual interaction or important discussion), event or activity that will be taking place.

Most commonly consent forms are used in medical practice due to the risks involved with the many procedures. Additionally, consent may also be used for photography, video, the use of content or any other act that may need permission by the issuer.

Effective and informed communication has become increasingly difficult due to a variety of issues.  Current societal trends have created an atmosphere of polarization and intolerance. Moreover, political correctness has thrown another obstacle in potential and productive communication due to fear of offending someone, this Z Form helps dial the conflict down and mutual understanding up! 


The Z Form provides an individualized tool to initiate clear and understanding communication within potentially difficult situations, those that may be fraught with misunderstandings and assumptions.  Z Form prompts a potential conversation while giving the recipient the chance to either agree or not agree to the proposal. It provides an opportunity to think through what you want to say before actually saying it.  It memorializes the expectations of the interaction and adds a formality to the expected or proposed boundaries.


Z Form provides a template to follow with personalized options to choose from. It gives you the option to include witnesses if desired and/or to keep the discussion/interaction confidential.


How Does it Work?

HowDoes It Work

The Z form is very similar to an intake form if you were to go to a doctor's office, you fill it out and have both parties sign and you agree to the terms in the form. But here are a few steps to follow to make it easy to understand! 

What you need: 

  • An email address for you and the recipient (and witnesses if desired)

  • A genuine desire to interact with someone

  • No expectations (your intent does not guarantee the outcome)


After subscribing to Z Form you have access to an unlimited

number of forms to use as you please. 

1. Open your dashboard and select “create new form”

Email - Copy.JPG

2. Choose a topic for your form and click “Add New Form”


3. After creating the form, Click to fill your information.



4. Cover Page


You may upload an image of your choice to further personalize the form.  ​This could be your own picture (selfie, family picture) or some other image that holds a special meaning (flowers, white flag, etc..). you can also change the topic of the discussion here. after uploading the picture click confirm & continue.


5. The purpose of this interaction

Explain if you would like to talk, discuss, reveal, express or other.

It is stated that you have good intentions: you are approaching the interaction in good faith.


6. Facts and hopes about our interaction

Read the first paragraph. Read the bullet points and make sure these reflect your sentiment regarding the interaction.


7. Terms and conditions of this interaction

Read the paragraph. Understand the risks associated with the Z Form. 

Understand that this Z Form is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney, medical or mental health professional and/or other relevant professional. 


8. Disclaimer

Read and understand that Z Form is not responsible in anyway of how you choose to use the form. When both parties agree to the interaction it is up to both parties to organize and plan how to proceed.


9. Information and signature

The Z Form can be used for individuals under the age of 18. (The age declaration check box is optional.)

Read the attestation paragraph verifying that you freely initiating this interaction, in a sound state of mind.

Check the box if you would like the interaction or conversation to stay confidential.

Provide your electronic signature. (you will need to adopt a new electronic signature, as seen here) Once you are on the document fill in the desired fields, reach each section and sign. Then click "Submit"​.

Info And Sign.JPG

Once you click "Submit" you will be prompted to either email the form to the receiving party or share the link with them. The receiving party will go through the document and check off either "Accept" or "Decline"


Then it is up to you and the recipient to decide how to proceed with your interaction.


10. My forms

You can review all of your forms in the “My Forms” tab on your dashboard. You can look at the completed version of the form and see if the receiving party has signed the form yet.

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