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Get Ready for a New Era of Dating with Z for LOVE!

Look forward to a fresh approach to finding love and building meaningful connections with like-minded people

Afraid your comments will offend someone?

No longer able to express an opinion or engage in a reasonable debate? 

Tired of cancel-culture or calling each other out on public platforms without actually having a productive discussion?

Why Z Form?


Z Form is the form to initiate or grow genuine human connections!
(Not necessarily politically correct) 

A Z Form can be used as an ice breaker when forming a new connection or as a tool to repair or improve an existing relationship.


Z Form is here to help protect you from political correctness, polarization, extremism and any misunderstandings.

It is a tool to help you cross that bridge and get closer to others, without the fear of conflict or worse. 

It is a customizable consent form that allows for written permission from the receiving party that they understand the terms of this particular connection (casual interaction or important discussion), event or activity that will be taking place.


Initiate Communication with Peace of Mind

Wouldn't you want to know if that interaction is welcomed by the other party before it happens?


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