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The Z Form

cancel culture and the z form
cancel culture: the z form

With cancel culture becoming more and more mainstream, much like everything else, it’s bound to have its dark moments. The bigger it is, the harder it falls, right? At its extreme, it can be the complete downfall of your entire career.


Could one comment really destroy everything?

And is there anything you can do to avoid it?

two people have a verbal misunderstanding

It could be argued that the root problem is simply a lack of proper communication. And isn’t that with so many things? The wrong food at a restaurant, a fight with your spouse, a miscommunication at work.

So much can spiral out of hand from simply an error in communication.

At times, cancel culture leaves little room for error. With our lives literally at our fingertips on social media, it isn’t hard to dig up things we may have said or done when we just… didn’t know any better.


But certain people are quick to jump at the throat,

and not so quick to try and help.


Cancelling should be