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Stop Caring So Much About What Others Think

Caring too much about what others think can cause us to lose sight of ourselves.

Most people are born with the simple desire to be liked and looked upon with favor by those around them. It can take a very strong person to simply “not care” what others think and to live their lives authentically. We do it well as children, simply free to exist and be “ourselves”. But as we grow societal expectations can change that.

Social media has made it possible for everyone to weigh on someone's life by simply "liking" something or not. The sad reality is that we made all of it possible as we are members of this social web and expose ourselves to constant judgment. WHY? What is so wrong about keeping your life simply yours. Privacy should be a thing.

Of course, sometimes social influence can change us for the good, like knowing that taking things from others is bad and shouldn’t be done, etc. But sometimes these expectations come at the cost of our own ideas and feelings.

So, many adults are having to relearn the art of not caring so much about what others think. Especially those who may have grown up without proper emotional support from the adults around them [x].

Like many other situations in life, the extremes can be harmful.

Caring too much about what people think can cause us extreme stress, make it difficult to say no, and stop us from setting healthy boundaries with those around us.

Not caring enough about what others think could cause us to become arrogant, self-centered, or egotistical.

So how can we find the right balance?

First off: how good are you at knowing what you really want?

If this is something you struggle with (if even voicing an opinion about where you want to eat sends you into a fit of anxiety and panic), therapy can be a great place to start, depending on how serious the matter is. But looking inwards is the first step to take when trying to figure out what you want and think.

When we give others the power over how we see ourselves, it can be dangerous. We tailor our opinions and thoughts to those around us and lose our sense of self.

Here are some ways to not care so much, and to be a more honest version of yourself. [x]