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Effective Communication

An important skill to have!

Wether it’s your place of work, home, or out and about, good communication skills are arguably one of the more important traits to have. Effective communication is key in connecting with our peers, building relationships, avoiding misunderstandings and fostering good relationship growth.

Communication is like working out-- sure, some may be predisposed to be more charming (or more fit) than others, but it is a skill you can work on and hone.

Proofhub mentions the “7 C’s of Communication”. These are geared a bit more towards in the workplace, but could easily be applicable everywhere.

  1. Concrete Is what you want to say credible? Do you have points to back it up? Does it sound solid?

  2. Coherent Is the “flow” of what you’re saying easy to follow? Are you articulating to your audience properly?

  3. Clarity Are you clear on what you want to say to the other person/group? Does it make sense? Will the person listening be jumping to conclusions or will they understand exactly what you mean?

  4. Commitment Do they feel your authenticity? Can they tell you are believing what you’re saying?

  5. Consistency Are you keeping the narrative consistent? Leaving no room for doubt or confusion?

  6. Completeness Are you finishing your sentences and thoughts? Are things clear and concise?

  7. Courteous Are you being polite and respectful to the other person/people? Are you valuing their input and opinions?

Even if you disagree on a subject, you can still be civil and kind.

Communication is essential to our survival. It’s how we told each other if there was danger, it’s how we express love and care, it’s how we set boundaries and well… we wouldn’t be very far without it!