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Cancelling a... Pug?

Noodle the TikTok pug has been cancelled!

Last week Rolling Stones announced that Noodle the pug is “officially cancelled”.

Let’s start with a little backstory in case you haven’t heard of Noodles. The 13 year old pug went viral on TikTok for predicting what kind of day it would be based on if he has bones or not (ie: will he stand up in his bed, or flop back over for another snooze). It’s become a forecast that millions of people have tuned into to see what kind of day they’re in for, a new sort of horoscope.

What is a Bones VS No Bones day?

Noodle’s owner explains that a Bones day is a day for being a go getter-- ask for that promotion, go get coffee with your new crush, try that outfit you swore you’d wear but has been collecting dust in your closet for months. Essentially, it’s the universe giving you the green light to attack the day with ambition and zeal.

A No Bones day, alternatively, is a day for rest and recuperation. Putting off big decisions, being kind to yourself, taking that extra bit of care and caution. It isn’t meant to be a “bad” day, just a day where you turn to yourself a bit more.


So… why is a geriatric rescue dog being cancelled?